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A Parent Guiding a Kid on How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online : Your Ultimate Parental Guide for Kids Ages 1-18 years

It is so much easier nowadays for kids to make money online thanks to internet connectivity and the ever-growing social media network that makes the world a global village market.While it’s clear that every kid is different, a parent therefore comes in as a guide and facilitator in offering practical money lessons based on their age, especially when the kid wants to make money online.

There are many money-making opportunities, both offline and online, that a kid can explore to become financially savvy. Watering plants, babysitting, and washing cars are some of the activities offline, while making YouTube videos and video editing are online.

Firstly, before we dive into how to make money online, why don’t we have an age group guide on money basics?


“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.” ~Maya Angelou


Tips on How and When to Introduce Money to Your Kids

Ages 1-5


Hot cross bunsHot cross bunsOne a penny, two a pennyHot cross bunsGive them to your daughtersGive them to your sonsOne a penny, two a pennyHot cross buns

( A nursery rhythm as adapted from Cocomelon)


If you have a toddler and a preschooler I guess you are very much familiar with the sing along abstract.You must have noticed that strong desire of your baby wanting to know how to pronounce those words the same way you do.

Kids learn by imitation. You can take advantage of this time frame and start showing them what a penny is and its use.

This can be done during playtime or you can visit your grocery shop together so that the kid is familiar with how money is exchanged with goods.

You can involve them in shopping by giving them the cash to hand it over to the cashier and also have them receive the balance of the purchase.

Ages 6-12


You will realize how specific the today kid is.

They want exactly what they saw from their friends.

You will hear them say things like; mummy I want Spider man attire like the one that John has, I want a bike, oh I want PS5 and by the way when are we going to have fun on the beach? And the list is endless………

Sometimes such demands can be overwhelming especially when you are straining financially.

Don’t be quick to dismiss them instead have thoughtful approaches on how you respond so as to convey the right message that can easily be absorbed by their fragile minds.

Never tell a child, ‘you can’t have that because I can’t afford it’ instead;

Take the opportunity when they are in this state of mind to teach them that they have to earn money first.

That they have to perform a task and then save to accumulate to a substantial amount so as to purchase whatever they want.

You can give them an allowance for the regular chore they complete to encourage them to work again and also to teach them how to manage that money.

Simple chores like spreading own bed, washing dishes can be agreed upon.

Letting them go the shop on their own to nurture that purchasing decision.

Help them understand that the value of money isn’t limitless. Teach the value of things.


Ages 13-18


Kids here can actually do things on their own.

Teens will want to have some money to purchase clothes, phone and even go for trips with their peers.

This now is the perfect time to guide, teach them how to make money online and have them explore some ways of earning money as they are quickly transforming into young adults soon to enter the workforce.

Working at the supermarket, car wash, making online sales through apps and taking online survey are some of the ways to get started.


Now with all said and done…,

These teachings should be done intentionally with consistence while embracing every season in life since the foundation of personal finances actually starts from here.

Remember to be a good role model such that even if you make a bad financial decision you will be honest about it with your kids and from your mistake, they can actually get a lesson on how to deal with the consequences of the financial decisions they make.

Teaching Kids about Money According to God’s Word,


Deuteronomy 6/6-7(NIV)


These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.


A kid should be made to understand that time, talent and treasure are all gifts entrusted to us by God and that He expects us to use them wisely to make money for his glory.


Best Ways on How to Make Money Online

a) You-Tube Channel


It is one of the most sought ways of making money online.

You can create a You-tube account for your minor then help the kid identify a topic of what they love.

Depending on the time and effort you put into creating the videos, the kid can make quite a substantial amount with you tube partner program and Ad Sense which is usually linked to the parents account.

Apart from earnings from paid promo products and sponsored content, the kid can also make money through selling merchandise and offering subscriptions.

An 18 year old can create own account with a few guidance and facilitation.

b)Video Editing


Many internet users nowadays prefer video content in absorbing information.

Facilitate your child to get the right video editing education so as to stay on top of the game.

This venture can fetch a lot of money .

With a rich content and the right message for the audience you are okay.


c)Flipping Items for Profit


Kids can be assisted in buying products at allow price and sell them at a higher price for profits.

This can be done online using Facebook marketplace.

Start with what is no longer needed in your home or friends then graduate to sourcing from big stores.

It’s good to ensure that the kid has the right product knowledge to sell the item.


d) Creating Own Products and Selling them


Many people love art.

If your kid is gifted in drawing and paintings, then this venture is worth a thought.

You can facilitate him with materials needed and a good camera to capture the items and post them online.

Then depending on the time and effort put in to achieve the result, you can assist him in pricing the item.


e) Manage Social Media Accounts


This is a perfect fit for the older kid who is about to go to college and is considering marketing as a career.

There must be some sense of demonstrated maturity so as to attract business .

Train the kid on how to behave on the given platform because no business will want their reputation destroyed.

You know how kids can be naughty at times………

f) Selling Stock Photos


If your kid loves taking photos then this should be a perfect fit for her.

With a suitable camera for photography she is good to go.

There are already photo market places on the internet she can sign into and sell her photos.


g)Virtual Assistant


If you own a business, consider introducing your kid to the family venture you are using to create wealth.

While you focus on high level engagements the kid can handle the easier tasks.

However remember to offer guidance since the kid will be working mostly with your personal information.

Pay her as per the task performed according the agreement.



h) Graphic Designs


Being a visual form of communication, it serves better to those who don’t want to say much in sending a message across.

You can help your kid acquire some skills and resources through websites like Pinterest.

Kids activities include designing a business card, redesigning a poster etc. which can be sold online thus earning money.


i) Open an Investment Account.


Money put into investment accounts tends to generate more money over time thus increase in income.

To open this account in Kenya you will need;

  • Your original and copy of national id or valid passport,
  • Original and copy of a child’s birth certificate for your minor.

Transactions can be done online.

The interest rate offered will then depend on the balance in the account of course with subject to the applicable law.


In conclusion;Time to Help your Kid Make Money Online



Illustration of a Kid on How to Make Money Online


The internet connectivity and the ever present audience on the social media has made it easier for kids to make money online.

Parental guidance is essential not only in helping the young ones make money online but also to teach them the basics of money management basing on their own experience.


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